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The Department of Pharmacy at Kiruddu Referral Hospital, primary goal is to ensure availability of commodities at all times for better service delivery.

Our responsibilities are:

  1. Forecasting of commodities including but not limited to; Essential Medicines (Antibiotics, Analgesics, Antihypertensive, Ant diabetics), ARVs, Anti TBs, Sundries. NMS being the primary source of commodities.
  2. Stock and Stores management; Commodity storage, arrangement, distribution, documentations.
  3. Maintain a safe, efficient system for dispensing medications.
  4. Pharmaceutical care and bedside dispensing to improve treatment outcome.
  5. Identify, resolve, and prevent drug-related problems such as drug allergies, drug interactions.
  6. Act as a drug information resource to medical and nursing staff on the selection, dosage, and route of administration of medications
  7. Work with the medical team to collaboratively monitor each patient's response to his or her medications.
  8. Researches in improving patient care, innovations in obtaining new treatment options.
  9. Collaborative effort: Stake holder engagement’ IDI Uganda, KCCA for enhanced service provision.
  10. We are adopting new roles in Public Health in prevention and management of disease to improve quality of life in the communities.