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This test is used on patients who have symptoms of a heart problem such as heart attack or abnormal heart rhythm. The test tracks the heart’s electrical activity and transfers data to a computer and onto a printout sheet. This is the record of your resting heart rhythm and is used to help physicians diagnose arrhythmias


One of the best ways to test the health of your heart is to have an exercise stress test. This is done through the use of state of the art computerized exercise stress testing machines. The machines allows specialists to monitor the heart rate during exercise and at rest, to check the patient’s blood pressure and to ensure that any recommended activity for that patient is safe.


Sound and waves have opened the door to a type of imaging technique that relays images of the heart and its various structures back to the views in a painless, non-invasive procedure. The information gives specialists a good idea of what is happening inside the heart, how well the heart valves are moving and where the heart may have been damaged.