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Any emergency in your family becomes your highest priority. It’s our priority, too. The Kiruddu hospital emergency department treats about 30-50 patients per day. It plays an important role in the healthcare system of the country, medical education programs and research efforts.

The emergency department is located at the front of the hospital and is open 24 hours a day all year round. The Department is prepared and equipped to provide comprehensive and efficient emergency care to patients in need of medical attention. The hospital’s doctors and nurses work together to efficiently assess your condition and determine the best next steps.

The medical personnel are assisted by a wonderful team of customer care personnel and social workers who ensure your stay in the hospital is as comfortable as can be and help to handle any social issues that may arise.

 What happens in the emergency department?

You are triaged, which means we quickly guide you to the right place for care for your condition.

Once you have been seen by a member of staff and received the necessary treatment, you may be referred to a specialist clinic for further management or admitted into the hospital for further management and investigations. You may also be well enough to go home with follow up dates for review in the appropriate clinic.

Much of the time we are able to give quick and expedited care to our patients, but on occasion when the department is full to capacity, your wait to receive treatment may be longer. We appreciate your patience during these times.

Patient care is very important to us and we continuously strive to provide the best and most compassionate care in the shortest time possible.